Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Joy of Giving

The lesson we have to learn over and over !
Today our lesson is designed to keep our self respect.

People all over the world, the thing that makes them the happiest is "Giving".
But in the way that a child feeds a hungry duck. With no expectations of anything in return.

So often we feel we need to get something back in return. And that is OK, but when you give with that intention, we need to make that clear to the other person, or you are setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment. It would be better not to give at all and spare your friends your bitter feelings, and the guilt and burden of having to replace or figure out what exactly you expect in return. That is not really giving, and we must see the difference if we are to experience the real joy in this simple act.

Who could enjoy receiving a gift that is coming from a person expecting something back, rather than from a a place of happiness and love ? It isn't a gift at all, and it doesn't really feel very good. To really experience the joy of giving and receiving, it has to come with love, and the release of that tension and dynamic of reciprocation.